If You Could Do It Alone, You Would Have Done It Already
If You Could Do It Alone, You Would Have Done It Already

Helping men across Canada regain their health since 1985


Total Support From All Our Health Professionals

Support and guidance from our trained and experienced staff, combined with our renowned 20/20 Healthy Eating Program will help you achieve all your health and weight loss goals. Follow the program and you are guaranteed healthy, sustainable weight loss!

Registered Dietitians

Harvey Brooker members will receive access to their very own in-house registered dietitian and will be able to see our dietitian in the weekly meetings, giving exclusive presentations only available to HB members. Other dietitian related services include access to our weekly ‘Dietitian Drop-In Hour’, as well as access to our Dietitian blog and recipes. 

Members who have dietary restrictions or have medical-related issues (including diabetes and high blood pressure) can particularly benefit from these services.

Health & Weight Loss Professionals  

Our acclaimed Harvey Brooker health coaches and presenters run our meetings and our workshops and are here to provide you with support you not only through their extensive knowledge, but also through their own real-world experiences. 

Speak to and learn from well educated, experienced professionals who have a passion for health and wellness. 

All our health coaches are available to meet 1-1 for private support.

20/20 Healthy Eating Program

Our easy-to-follow 20/20 Healthy Eating Program uses a calculated unit system that will help you understand portion control and proper food choices without going hungry. No specialty foods or supplements are required. Everything can be purchased at your local supermarket. 

Not only will you learn which to foods to eat, you will learn how to portion control, shop properly, and cook delicious and nutritious meals. Never go hungry – join Harvey Brooker and discover how easy it can be to make the right choices.


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In-Person and Virtual Support, Education and Accountability

In-Person and Virtual Support

Our weekly meetings and workshops are done both in-person and online to fit your schedule. These programs are dynamic, engaging and educational; providing our members with the knowledge, the tools and the resources to reach their goals.

For over 37 years, our coaches and presenters have been extremely successful at delivering the help our members deserve!

Weekly Power Hour™ Accountability

Our weekly group meetings are the cornerstone of the program and provide valuable support, education, and accountability.

These motivational meetings are run by our passionate and knowledgable health coaches, where you’ll get the opportunity every week to listen, learn, and ask questions.

Attending these weekly meetings develops a new sense of scheduled consistency and accountability in your life, allowing you to truly break your bad habits permanently!

A Community of Men Just Like You

Harvey Brooker is a place for men who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

Supporting, motivating and learning from each other helps you realize that we’re all in this together, and that we can’t do it alone. See the success of our program through all our members and maintainers!

Maintaining – Free Lifetime Membership After Weight Loss

Put a stop to the weight loss and gain cycle and move towards maintaining for life.

At Harvey Brooker, reaching your goal weight is an amazing achievement! You should be proud of your hard work and enjoy your new, healthier self.

The focus of our program is not only on your weight loss, but on the lifelong maintenance of that weight loss. Continue to participate in meetings as a maintainer and take advantage of the many tools that we offer on our members-only site — free of charge for life!

The consistent attendance of our maintainers at the weekly meetings is a testament to the life-changing impact the Harvey Brooker community has made on their lives.

Improve the Lives of Those You Care About

Changing the way you eat not only changes your life, but it changes the lives of those around you. Having more energy means more time for the important things in your life. Harvey Brooker members have also found that when they ate better, in turn, their entire household ate better.

For additional support, our team is available to meet with the people in your life 1-on-1.


If You Could Do It Alone, You Would Have Done It Already

The Harvey Brooker Weight Loss program is not a diet. You will not starve and we will not sell you any supplements or injections. If followed, you are guaranteed long-term success through sustainable, healthy eating habits.

HB Meals

Harvey Brooker Meals are delicious, convenient, and follow our 20/20 Healthy Eating Unit System. Members and their families can have these ready-to-eat meals delivered right to their doors! Learn more here.


We offer a variety of workshops throughout the month to support and guide you. Some of these include the I’m On Track workshop designed for new members and their families, our dietitian programs, our maintainers meetings, and more!

More Tools and Resources

Members have access to a large collection of resources that will help make your weight loss a success! Some of these include:

  • The renowned 20/20 Healthy Eating Program™
  • Delicious recipe book created using our 20/20 Program™
  • Our Harvey Brooker Member’s Only Blog
  • Recordings of past Power Hour™ meetings
  • Hours of exclusive Harvey Brooker podcasts
  • Grocery shopping guides
  • A weight tracker designed specifically for our members
  • Our Member’s Only Forum
  • Daily access to our health coaches and our in-house dietitians
  • Weekly menus created using our eating plan
  • And much more!
  • Grocery shopping guides
  • A weight tracker designed specifically for our members
  • Our Member’s Only Forum
  • Daily access to our health coaches and our in-house dietitians
  • Weekly menus created using our eating plan
  • And much more!